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Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

Ain’t nobody got time for an expired or withdrawn listing


Now is the time to figure out what your old agent did wrong, and get you on the right path. There are thousands of buyers that are going to be browsing though the market in the Central Florida area in the next few months, and now is the time to be marketing your home. I want to provide you with a FREE, no-obligation House Value Report to help us figure out what your previous agent did wrong, and make an action plan to get your house sold this summer!

Every day that your house sits in an expired or withdrawn status on MLS is a day where your house could potentially face a negative appraisal, or even worse, a missed buyer opportunity. Why keep your house under wraps because your Real Estate agent didn’t do their job? Get a House Value Report, and choose a Real Estate agent that is going to put your best interests first and foremost.

You can contact Bryan Hixson anytime at (407) 516-3856 to get started. Or you can click here to go to my House Value Report request form today. You have absolutely nothing to lose, except more time sitting on a house you don’t necessarily want anymore.